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Bone Broth Collagen

Collagen Supplements for Bone Health
Collagen Supplements for Bone HealthCattle red marrow extracts is a 100% pure natural biological extract which is extracted by China’ national patent technology, is a better substitutes of chemical synthesis glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in bone density improving and joint disease field. It is curative effect type health care products and have reports of clinical trial....
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Specifications of Collagen Supplements for Bone Health:

  • Cattle red marrow powder is with fresh “QinChuan” cattle red bone as raw material, and extracted by China’ national patent technology, after a lot of special and complex extraction process, filter out impurities and fat, the nutrition is rich, it is not bone meal, not strengthen and formula of calcium, is pure natural biological preparation; No sugar, no hormones, no artificial pigment, no preservatives, its composition contains a lot of high quality protein, especially rich in bone collagen, contain more than 20 kinds of amino acids, also contain enzyme specificity of bone growth factors, such as bioactive factors, calcium salt and other minerals, a variety of trace elements, vitamins, etc

  • The product is mainly for the crowd: osteoporosis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc, such as bone hyperplasia, rheumatism patients. It is rich in bone collagen, so it is widely used in cosmetics industries asmask, cream and etc, and also used as food additives(frozen food, beverages, dairy products, candy, cake) & nutritional meals

  • Osteoporosis is a bone metabolic diseases characterized by low bone mass and bone microstructure degeneration, leading to bone fragility increases, increases the possibility of fracture. Our Cattle red marrow extract have obvious effect on bone mineral density increasing

  • This product is in fresh bovine bone as raw materials, using advanced national patent technology to extraction, supplemented with vitamin E preparation and become a new type of health care products. Our product has scientific formula, easy to be absorbed by human body. The functional test proved that our product have the health care functions of improve osteoporosis, increase bone density, and it’s rich in protein, without any side effects on the human body. 

  • Cattle red marrow extract is yellow powder. It can soluble in water, easy to be absorbed by human body, and it can be tableted and capsuled directly.

Collagen Supplements for Bone Health

Functions of Collagen Supplements for Bone Health:

  • treatment of osteoarthritis

  • treatment of joint disease

  • increase bone density

  • calcium supplement for human body

  • prevent and improve osteoporosis

  • beauty & skin care

  • postoperative nutritional supplements

  • nutritional meals

  • anti-aging

  • brightening skin

  • enhance immunity

  • improve sleep

  • delay menopause

Collagen Supplements for Bone Health

Collagen Supplements for Bone Health


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