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Bone Broth Collagen

Natural Bovine Collagen

Natural Bovine Collagen

Natural bovine collagen powder is a compound extracts by patent technology which is derived from Grass-fed cattle’s fresh bone,cartilage and red marrow. So it full with superior quality bone collagen(I,II,III & V type),kinds of amino acids (Glycine,Proline,Aspartic Acid,Glutamic Acid,etc), Vitamin(Va,Vb1,Vb2,Vb6,Vb12,Vc,Ve)....
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1.Technical Process

Fresh Bovine Bone ---- Remove the yellow marrow ----- Smash ----- Water Scrubbing ---- Patent Technology Extract ---- Filtration ---- Quiescence --- Vacuum Depression Concentration ----- Spray Drying --- Bone Mineral Density Powder

Natural bovine collagen

2. Main Function

1).Active bone collagen has been known as “Cell Culture Fluid”,”Life Protoplasm”,”Bone Of The Bone”, it supplements the collagen to bone which help to lock the calcium,prevent and improve osteoporosis.

2).Inherit the traditional chinese medicine theory “Use Animal Organs To Fortify The Corresponding Organs In Humans’ Bodies”, The red marrow extract have a good effection on “Geneogenous Osteogenesis Imperfecta” and supply the nutrients to the bone & marrow. Meanwhile the haem is effective to nourishing yin and tonifying blood.

3).Cartilage is full with chondroitin, hyaluronic acid,which can restore the damaged cartilaginous tissue and improve the joint health.

4).Improve the sport ability, promote fatigue recovery; Strengthen the power,promote tissue growth and restoration;Improve immunity and avert disease & infection; Improve energy supply;Increase anti-oxidation capacity,etc.


1) Daily Food Raw Materials ( Dairy Products,Biscuit,Bread,Soup Bases,etc

2) Sports Nutrition, Nutrition and Healthy Care Products Raw Materials (Joint Health Products,Sport Supplements,etc.

3) Cosmetics

4) Nutritional Bars

5)Capsules & Tablets (Bulking agent carrier for pharmaceutical active ingredients)

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