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Bone Broth Superfood Pills

Bone Broth Pills

Bone Broth Pills

“Cattle Bone Power” Bone Density Capsule is made of new cattle bone in Qin District through special process to extract and (the technology has obtained national patent). As a one hundred percent natural biological agent, it is not bone powder, fortifying and formula calcium with abundant nutritional ingredient;...
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Research on bone disease: Modern medical researches indicate that the fundamental cause

of osteoporosis and osteoarticular disease attack is shortage of bone collagen. What is bone collagen? What does it function?


The most important fiber texture in the bone matrix is bone collagen. As a key part of calcium osteogenesisand blood-cell forming, the bone collagen is connected with supportive fabric of muscular tissue to effectively inhabit bone reduction, enhance its metabolism, restrain the calcium loss from bone, adjust bone cell and increase bone flexibility.




1)Calcium lock effect: Bone collagen fiber of bone is connected in vertical mesh structure. It functions as adherence, capture and fixation of calcium from blood to make possible to turn calcium sedimentation into new bone.


2)Generation effect: bone collagen can generate and supplement a large amount of synovial fluid, thus lubricate joint level and reduce anti-attrition to make joint flexible.


3)Generation and restoration effect: bone collagen enables to restore worn joint cartilage and generate new joint cartilage and periosteum by means of strongly stimulating the chondrocyte synthetic collagen and hyaluronic acid.


4)Clearance and immune effect: Called as “street sweeper” in the joint cavity. bone collagen can not only inhibit the inflammatory reaction from non-specific factor and relieve pain, but also clear the harmful enzymes and enhance the immune power of joint cavity.





Applied for patent from 1992 to 1994, the product was granted by health food approval certificate from China Ministry of Health in 2002 through continuous research efforts . It is put into advertising investment on a large scale and on sales to the present.


“Cattle Bone Power” Bone Density Capsule is made of new cattle bone in Qin District through special process to extract and (the technology has obtained national patent). As a one hundred percent natural biological agent, it is not bone powder, fortifying and formula calcium with abundant nutritional ingredient; It is free from sugar, hormone, rtificial synthetic pigments, anti-corrosive agent with ingredient containing plenty of high quality protein, of which contains 40% bone collagen and bioactive factor such as specific bone growth factor, biochemical enzymes, mineral substance calcium salt, multiple minor elements, multivitamin,etc.


bone broth pills





1) It can quickly activate human body osteoblast, promote bone growth and development as well as entirely supplement bone nutrient needed in a variety of nutrients.


2) Collagen fiber mesh forms during bone remodeling to rapidly absorb calcium in food from intestine, which effectively sediments in the collagen fiber mesh and turns mineral substance into new bone.


3) Supplement the appropriate vitamin


4)Acted as low fat health food




Everyone is misled by the idea that calcium deficiency must supplement calcium for a long time while the people do not know what to do in face of calcium supplement. Because calcium deficiency of human body is widely known, its idea is popular while everyone feels insecure and has problem on calcium deficiency. Human body does need calcium shortage, but we have to clear about one point that calcium shortage is correct literally and mislead theologically. It fact, the reason of calcium deficiency is that bone cavity grows bigger as result of great loss of calcium. Organic composition of bone tissue contains about 90% bone collagen, therefore calcium deficiency may lack of bone collagen-based organic substance according to strict sense.


Everyone eat everyday and also need the food in stomach to digest, absorb and transfer for metabolism of each organ, so does the bone metabolism . However, the most significant of the bone metabolism is to absorb, transfer and sediment instead of eating a large amount of calcium. Scientific evidence shows that the more you supplement calcium is not equal to high absorption, and the more you eat, the less you absorb.   


Calcium of daily meal is about from 400mg to 500mg. It is fundamental problem is to solve cavity, weakness and loose of bone and how to strengthen the bone density and put the calcium salt into food transfer to stimulate metabolism. 


bone broth pills





Effect analysis: Although some medicine and operation may temporarily relieve pain concerning overall treatment of bone disease. Regarding to bone disease patient, it has not obtained the healing effects with high repeated attacks, thus affect the patients’ initiative on the treatment.


1) It has remarkable effects on pain relief and anti-inflammation on relatively low price western medicine for treatment of bone disease like hyperostosis. therefore many patients choose the immediately effective western medicine. Although effect of western medicine is very obvious, it has its disadvantages: 1) It has some side effects to stimulate the stomach and affect the liver and kidney. 2) The patient is dependent on pain relief and anti-inflammation medicine, which leads to other diseases attack during long-term use. 3) If most people stops medication, symptoms will immediately appear with high repeated attack after taking western medicine. 4) People cure bone disease by taking western medicine to cure the symptoms, not the disease with temporary medical relief. It becomes a headache of bone disease patients.


2) Bone disease therapy used by traditional Chinese medicine and patch has its own advantages, especially treat both symptoms and root causes on chronic disease.

However its disadvantage is relatively slow treatment, a few of drug has certain side effects. At present many patients prefer to choose patch and make pain immediately relief In fact, patch for external use only can relieve pain without any therapeutic effect on bony spur.


3) Surgical and acupuncture treatment are widely used in medication to many bone disease patients. However, they are not effective therapies with some risks on surgical treatment and highly repeated attack.




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